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I am a college professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where I teach literature, film studies, political science, and communication. My blog is a space for playing with ideas about creativity, innovation, lifelong learning, and the nature of "insight."

Tree shadows growing along a wall (à la Edward Hopper)

Somehow these slanted early-morning shadows remind me of Edward Hopper’s “Early Sunday Morning,” which you can see here in the Whitney Museum of Art collection.  That sweep of light washing swiftly down a street, stretching everything in its path into spindly … Continue reading

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Sixth Street Viaduct

I took this photo of the Sixth Street Viaduct over Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley while waiting to cross the street after dropping my younger daughter off at the train station this morning.  She caught the 8:05 Amtrak Hiawatha for a field trip with her art history classmates … Continue reading

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Val. Blatz Brewing Company – 1901 / 1946 / 2015

It was the lines that got me.  I’ve passed this way so many times, but for some reason the strongly oppositional vertical and horizontal lines had never presented themselves so starkly before.  So I had to get out my phone … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Grayscale

I noticed this bird atop a light pole as I left campus tonight. Downtown Milwaukee has been partially shrouded by mist/fog today, most likely caused by the difference between air and Lake Michigan temperatures.  Away from the lake it was warm and sunny. Below … Continue reading

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Geometric Reflections on Spring

Trees are sprouting leaves and it feels like spring is finally here!  Took this photo on MSOE’s campus in downtown Milwaukee as I walked from one meeting to another yesterday around noon.

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A Slice of Milwaukee’s City Hall

Took this photo this morning just because I found the view of City Hall from this perspective kind of arresting. After I took the picture, I noticed that the flag is at half mast today and wondered why.  Not that terrible … Continue reading

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Choosing the Clarinet

When it came time for my kids to join the band in elementary school, selecting an instrument prompted great angst.  As they ruminated on each possibility’s merits, they asked why I had decided on the clarinet.  How had I known that it was “the … Continue reading

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