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Fun with the Periodic Table (and math)

What is it about the Periodic Table that inspires so many take-offs? Look at all these fun makeovers: The Periodic Table of Typefaces The Periodic Table song, “The Elements,” by my favorite mid-20th-century musical humorist (!) Tom Lehrer.  See it sung … Continue reading

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Barefoot summers

Driving home yesterday, we saw a woman crossing the street, barefoot and limping.  Was she hurt?  More likely, we suspected, she was reacting to the asphalt under her feet.  With the outdoor temperature hitting 100°, the street probably felt like a hot … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Blade Runner” thirty years later

I recently joined a LinkedIn group called “World Cinema Critics” to be part of a community engaged in serious film discussions.  Lately we’ve had a comment thread going on the subject of Blade Runner, a movie I hadn’t seen since its theatrical release … Continue reading

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