Contact information

Everyone has warned me about spam and malicious people who would use my email address to create havoc.

So I’ve puzzled for quite a while about how to thwart them while still making it possible for nice people (like you 🙂 ) to contact me through this website.  Here are the solutions I finally came up with:

  1. LinkedIn — link to my account HERE
  2. Facebook — link to my account HERE
  3. WordPress “Comments” (at the bottom of this page)

If you have LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, you can send me a message through either of those platforms.

The third way to contact me would be to “comment” at the bottom of this page. If you leave a message for me in the comment box, along with your email address, I’ll get in touch with you that way. Because the default setting for my WordPress “Comments” function requires that all comments be “approved” before they appear on the page, your message would remain private.  That is, although I would send an email to the address you left, I would not officially “approve” your “comment” itself; and therefore, it would never be visible to anyone but me.

Important note: Be sure you leave your comment at the bottom of THIS page, so I’ll know that you intend it as a private message and not a public comment.  I approve comments left on the other pages of my blog, where they become available to readers.

Sound good?  I look forward to hearing from you!

2 Responses to Contact information

  1. Laureen says:

    Hi. I am trying to form a conceptual overview of the categories or parts of English grammar. I know there are the parts of speech, but there is also syntax, pronunciation, objects, subjects, determiners, clauses, and a whole bunch of concepts, but I don’t know how to visualize them and their relationship to each other. Do you know what I mean? If there something you could refer me to?

    Many thanks.


    • Hi Laureen,

      Since you didn’t leave an email address, I’m “approving” your comment, which makes it public, and replying via this comment back to you. Your question is really great. Let me give some thought to it to see if I can come up with a good resource to refer you to. Nothing like that immediately comes to mind. It would be so nice to find something already done out there. I wonder if a Google image search using the terms would turn up some sort of infographic? Worth a try. But I will also ask around and think over my own resources.

      If you’d prefer a private message in the future, just leave another comment containing your email address on this page, and I’ll shoot you a message that way instead of approving your comment and making it public in my response on this “Contact info” page.


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