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How Dion survived the day the music died

In the home section of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal—or, more accurately, the “Mansion” section (it is, after all, The Wall Street Journal 🙂 )—singer Dion DiMucci talks about growing up in the Bronx, with parents who often fought over the $36 … Continue reading

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Better Than Brownies (#tbt)

In the “First Course” column of yesterday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel food section, editor Nancy Stohs ran a story about a brownie recipe from “Miss Petey” that was so popular with readers that it was published several times over the years, its first … Continue reading

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The Magic of Light (on Porcelain Insulators)

As every photographer knows, the key to capturing beautiful images is light. Even more important, also as every photographer knows, is having your camera ready at all times. This is the second time I’ve noticed a really stunning display of light … Continue reading

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Old Basement Stairway

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Morning Sunlight: Wall Opposite a Window

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The American West or What I did on summer vacation (Take 2)

A wonderful post by my friend Sally, in which she visits an old-time saloon in a small Montana town, left behind to vanish almost completely when the railroad abandoned its tracks, to report a cow on the road separated by … Continue reading

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After the line went dead

It took only a few seconds for me to figure out what function this alcove most likely used to serve. But a few years from now, there will be young adults who have no memory of pay phones.

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(Not) The Milwaukee Lion

But definitely “a” Milwaukee Lion 🙂 I shot these photos over the weekend in the big cat house at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Pretty amazing how close you can get to the animals in modern zoos! Maybe too close? Although … Continue reading

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