Interior Staircase

I continue to be fascinated with the construction of the Milwaukee Bucks’ arena. Every week seems to bring some new sign of progress. You can now see a flight of stairs leading upward from the ground floor.

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Taken from an upstairs window at the Repairers of the Breach center, Milwaukee’s only daytime homeless sanctuary, where I volunteer as chair of the Communications and Fund Development Committee. If you are ever looking for a very worthy cause to support, please remember this organization and consider helping them in their mission of saving, supporting, and restoring lives. You can contact me for more information anytime.

Link to their Facebook:

Link to their website:

P.S. My post’s title, originally misspelled correctly, is now correctly misspelled😄

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First Buds! – Red Arrow Park

Spring has arrived in downtown Milwaukee. On my coffee run at noon, I spotted one tree in bud around the perimeter of the Slice of Ice skating rink in Red Arrow Park.

And a panoramic view of the entire rink below (just because 🙂 ) with the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts in the background. The tree sprouting buds is at the far left, just to the right of that pine and practically invisible against the brick of the Milwaukee Center office tower behind it, while all the other trees are still winter bare.


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Skywalk is up!

Look what I saw on my way to working the UX program table at MSOE’s Open House this morning. The Skywalk  connecting the Milwaukee Bucks arena with the parking garage across the street is up!

Below is the post I started writing yesterday morning. On my way to work, I had noticed a skywalk-looking thing on the ground, so I took a photo of it. But I don’t know a skywalk truss from a generic truss intended to carry electrical wiring or whatever, so I was a little hesitant to stick my neck out and call it a skywalk. Plus, before I could hit “publish,” I had to run to meetings and teaching and more meetings and more teaching. And then I took one of my colleagues to the train station after work because she’s going to be gone at a conference all weekend. Long and short of it: I never finished yesterday’s blog post, so I’m including it here just so you can see the before and after 🙂

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Can membership-based community journalism thrive in the U.S.?

Another “journalism” post as a follow-up to my last one. I’ve heard rumblings previously about this community-created, membership-driven model of journalism from The Netherlands’ De Correspondent (click on the “English” button at the top of their page), and today I found this intriguing article from NiemanLab regarding the publisher’s plan to launch a U.S. version in spring of next year.

Why is this such a big deal to me? Because even if a model  based on a business model that gets revenue from membership/subscriber/community sources will even further segment and stratify the news-reading public, at the same time such a model can totally save news media from the peril of serving other masters than their readers/audience.

In the De Correspondent model of journalism, readers run the show—both as audience recipients and as active contributors to stories. De Correspondent has no advertisers or PR agencies it owes loyalty and column inches to. No advertorial “content” driving news coverage, in other words. No articles in editorial amplifying the ads placed by companies that the publisher is trying to keep happy.

For example, have you ever seen newspaper or magazine articles on how how everyone desiring good health should eat more “whole grains” like breakfast cereals and then lo and behold, there just happen to be several breakfast cereal ads in the same issue? Or articles on career advice that emphasize the importance of personal appearance to advance in business, and then here are ads for makeup and personal trainers and clothing stores. While it’s handy to have those ads right there to help you put your newfound insights and resolve into action, it’s also pretty manipulative on the publication’s part to prime you and then deliver you and your credit card to their real audience, to their real customers. You, the reader/viewer aren’t an informed citizen so much as you’re a product being sold to the companies that pay for you via advertising space (or time, in the case of television or radio).

The once-sacred wall between editorial and advertising has been crumbling for quite a while now. Some publications, like Time magazine have openly demolished it. I used to think of Time as a semi-serious news magazine. Now I know it’s really just a content provider.

Not to rant at any length here. I’m just very optimistic about the potential of a new news model and wanted to share this article about De Correspondent.

Milwaukee entrepreneur Roy Reiman did something similar by starting up a publication for farm women that was supported entirely by subscriptions when all the other farming publications were cutting the women’s pages due to lack  of advertising support. Reiman knew from his own mother (he grew up on a farm) how important and looked forward to those sections were to their readers. By providing stories readers wanted and were willing to pay for, Reiman cut out the advertising middleman completely. He built a company on this model that published a number of popular magazines, including Taste of Home, and when he was ready to start retirement in 1998, he sold his majority interest for $640 million.

So it’s possible that with imagination and courage, news media will be able to shed advertising, build a different kind of business model, and actually do okay financially. I can’t wait to see where the press goes from here.

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Milwaukee Bucks Arena – Becoming #2

About a week ago I posted a photo of the new Milwaukee Bucks arena that is under construction downtown. I drive past this site just about every day, and it really has been intriguing to watch it develop. Don’t know if anyone else is interested, but here’s another picture I took today. This arena is going to be an arresting piece of architecture when it’s finished.

Update: As I pressed “Publish,” I noticed for the first time what looks like will be a spot for a skywalk connecting the arena with the parking garage immediately to the north (or, in this photo, to the left). See where there’s a square space in the middle of all that curved steel?

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