A Windy Autumn Day!

I actually prefer some of my other attempts in terms of composition, but in the end I decided to go with this photo because of that lone leaf whirling into the frame at the very moment I snapped the shutter. (Or whatever term is correct for the “Enter” button on an iPhone when taking a picture🙂 )

distorted office windows and a single leaf

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Texture – Damp Crabapple Bark

First of all, is it “Crabapple,” “Crab Apple,” or “Crab-Apple”? I grew up thinking of it as a one-word tree name, but I see it spelled all three of these ways and could probably find even more variants if I searched for them. I think I’ll stick with “crabapple.”


It stormed last night in Milwaukee. If you were watching the Wisconsin–Ohio State football game on television (or, would that be the “Ohio State–Wisconsin” game?), you saw the rain passing through Madison and Camp Randall Stadium (which is built on the site of what actually used to be a Union army camp named for the governor at that time, Alexander Randall, during the Civil War). Speaking of the WI–OSU/OSU–WI game (I have divided loyalties😄), what a hard-fought contest that was!

crabapple-1Anyway, back to my tree bark. As I was taking out some recycling a few minutes ago, I noticed how strikingly textured and colorful the crabapple trunk looks while partially damp from last night’s rain.


So I took a few pictures and decided to put them on my blog. Hope you like them!


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Evening Beckons

Seen as I was leaving work last night.

This is the changing quality of light that people talk about in northern climes. At least some of what they mean. The light slants from a lower place in the sky as the Earth’s tilt positions us farther away from the sun. There’s less moisture in the air to refract the light, and a different color palette in nature (trees, flowers, grass) to filter and reflect it.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The air may be cool and crisp, but the light becomes warm and soft.

When my daughters were young, a picture book we checked out of the public faithfully every fall was When Will the Snow Trees Grow, by Ben Shecter. Such a sweet, gentle story of a boy and his bear friend doing autumn chores to prepare for winter in what looks like rural New England. My girls tracked down a copy a couple years ago and gave it to me as a Christmas present.


I think it’s about time for me to warm up some cider, wrap myself in a quilt near the fire, and lose myself in this book’s enchantment once again.

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Sunlight and the Approaching Storm

Yesterday morning was bright, but by about 10:00 rain was pelting down. You can see the contrast in weather systems, as well as the strange juxtaposition of sunlight and dark skies, in this photo I took around 8:30 or so on my way to (guess where?) Starbucks. Life is like that sometimes, isn’t it? Sunny and stormy all in one day. It can be hard to prepare for getting out and facing the world. So many decisions to make: what to wear, what to pack, whether to crawl back into bed again and just wait until tomorrow to start fresh🙂


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A Perfect Autumn Leaf

A Perfect Autumn LeafUsually I am looking up and noticing things like clouds and reflections in office windows. But lately I seem to be looking down and noticing things like the sidewalk moss last week and this leaf today. I don’t think there’s any sadness or depression metaphors going on there. Just a slight shift in perspective, I guess😄

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As my half caf patiently waits . . .

Starbucks cup on sidewalk casting shadow

. . . I’m crouched down on the sidewalk with my iPhone trying to get a close-up of this plush stripe of moss growing in between the cracks.

moss stripe in sidewalk crack

I’ve tried several times to capture the lush, jewel-like green, but somehow it always looks more drab in photos than in real life. Today I tried standing on the opposite edge of the sidewalk, with the sun to my back. It seemed to make a difference.

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long and that all I have to offer today is moss. My job has kept me really busy the past month. Plus we had to put down one of our dogs in August, and as every pet lover knows, that that’s like losing a member of your family. RIP, Sammy. You were a good boy!


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Sensing Sunset

That moment of transition when outdoor light fixtures switch themselves on, anticipating the darkness.

sunset and parking lot lights

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