Sensing Sunset

That moment of transition when outdoor light fixtures switch themselves on, anticipating the darkness.

sunset and parking lot lights

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Hour Marti: Free We Deliver Ask Inside


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Grohmann Museum, Morning Sun Through Clouds

Grohmann Museum, Morning Sun Through Clouds

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Grohmann Museum, Reflected

Grohmann Museum, ReflectedSaw this reflection of my building in a puddle from last night’s rain while leaving work this afternoon.

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Public Restroom in Black and White


Public Restroom in Black and White

I liked the lines and decided to go with black and white because in color the brown door was a distraction from what I saw as the main point of the photo. Plus I kind of like how in black and white you’re not quite sure why a chunk seems to be missing from the top of the frame. The original picture is below. Do you agree?




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Birch bark texture

Now that I took a photo of one tree’s bark, I’m looking more closely at bark everywhere. This older birch has a very craggy-textured outer bark, which then peels itself away in curled loops to reveal the smoother, cleaner-looking “new skin” underneath.

birch barkpeeling birch bark

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Bloom Where You’re Planted!

My equipment is no fancier than A) my older-model iPhone (a 5c, not even the 5s, which apparently had a better camera) and B) my Kodak Easyshare Z915 Digital Camera, which is no longer supported by the company and which I got on sale for $100 through Amazon about six years ago.

Despite the mediocre technology, I love taking pictures! One of these days I’ll feel flush enough to spring for better gear. Meanwhile, I’m going to make do and start setting myself up with “assignments”—sort of my own personal photography school🙂 —and just see what I can learn . . . about the cameras I have and about taking better photographs, period.

So here is a photo from my first (self-imposed) assignment, “Texture.” It’s the bark of a honey locust tree on State Street in downtown Milwaukee, taken with my iPhone 5c.

texture #1

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