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Sunday Driving

We opted to avoid I-94 on our trip west from Milwaukee to Delafield on an errand this afternoon. Instead we drove county highways and frontage roads, one of which took us past Crites Field, the Waukesha County airport.  And just … Continue reading

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Ghost Moon (photo)

Seen on my way to the Starbucks at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee this morning, looking west on State Street. And below is the cropped image I was sort of aiming for.  I don’t know if the photo will stick here … Continue reading

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Sustainability As Flourishing

Originally posted on The Purpose of Work:
This is a remarkable book, and fascinating from a Bahá’í perspective.  Remarkable in that it’s a radical critique of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility programmes – and, more widely, of 21st century capitalism…

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Report: Children in Appalachia worse off

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – A new report from a child welfare organization shows that children in Ohio’s Appalachian counties are worse off than kids in inner-city neighborhoods. The report from the Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio says…

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The Northern Soul Project – Some Background (post #2)

To recap: I stumbled across the term “Northern Soul” a week ago while trying to see if the Dusty Springfield part of the Pet Shop Boys’ “What Have I Done to Deserve This,” was actually one of her old songs.  … Continue reading

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The Northern Soul Project

One of the terms in my blog’s subtitle is “Lifelong Learning.”  When I started writing here a couple of years ago, I thought I’d be talking much more about that topic than I’ve turned out to, as it’s a huge … Continue reading

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