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Milwaukee City Hall – Morning Reflection

Taken with my iPhone about 8:15 a.m. at the corner of Broadway and State, from inside a vestigial entryway of the old Blatz Brewing Bottle House (now MSOE’s Campus Center) so I could avoid lens flare in a spot sheltered from … Continue reading

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Two views of City Hall

From the front, a photo I really liked—except I cut off the bell tower’s tippy-top and the flag. From two blocks away, several days later (and by accident, as what I really “saw” was the cool, low-angled view up at the … Continue reading

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Laura Ingalls Wilder Week: The Autobiography

Originally posted on The Bookshelf of Emily J.:
Last week was spring break for me, so I took the time off to visit my dad and my grandmother, who is ill with cancer, in Missouri. My grandma finished her last…

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This is the kind of thing my grandparents used to do: refer to places by their names from 50 years earlier.  Now I do it, too.  No doubt someday my kids will, too. The building below is the Marshall & … Continue reading

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Wham! Pow! Ooof!

Fun article the other day in the Wall Street Journal—or, as they like to style themselves: The Wall Street Journal. (← with a period at the end, I have no idea why)—about all the over-the-top villains in the old “Batman” … Continue reading

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Grohmann Museum Statues (Again)

Ever since noticing the Grohmann Museum statues’ reflection in the office building across the street last week, I’ve been sort of obsessed with them.  Maybe not literally, but I’ve definitely begun looking up at them A LOT (and whipping out my … Continue reading

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Urban Sunset, March

Taken with my iPhone  as I returned to my office last night after teaching an early evening class.  (Despite the fact that downtown Milwaukee is built on a swamp and thus wages a constant battle against sinking, this building isn’t really tilted!  It’s just … Continue reading

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