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Lines Crossed

The sky is overcast in Milwaukee this morning. For some reason this bird and all the crisscrossed lines caught my eye when I stepped out onto our back porch with my cup of coffee to supervise our dog. She had … Continue reading

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The Tosa Turkeys

I took this photo a few days ago in my local grocery store’s parking lot, where three wild turkeys stood guard near the entrance. For a couple years now, a flock of wild turkeys has been strutting around the city … Continue reading

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February evening sunlight

This is what greeted me yesterday as I left my office in the Grohmann Museum at MSOE shortly before 5:00. The reflected streaks of orange sunlight across the pavement seemed very cheerful to me. And at this time of year, … Continue reading

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Writing Exercise – “The Dress-Up Dress Down”

Or should that be “smackdown”? Read on and see 🙂 My writing group does short exercises to share each time we meet, and I’ve decided it might be fun to start sharing them here on my blog. For this week, … Continue reading

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Was this GMC Sierra truck ad shot in Narnia?

Otherwise, that random streetlight makes little sense. “This is the land of Narnia,” said the Faun, “where we are now; all that lies between the lamp-post and the great castle of Cair Paravel on the eastern sea.” One of the … Continue reading

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Elevator Abstractions

I saw these fun images while waiting for the elevator in the Grohmann Museum today and thought I’d share. Moving from left to right, most abstract to least. The two images in the middle are basically the same image, with … Continue reading

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River Diamonds

Today is a gray, sleet-drizzling day in Milwaukee. So it seems like a good time to post a short video from a field trip to the park with our dog a couple weeks ago. Just a few cheerful moments of … Continue reading

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November Tracery

“Tracery” is a term referring to the spidery, lacy stonework in a Gothic stained-glass window. I was outside in the last light of day this evening shaking hay out of our guinea pig’s “potty pads” (fleece bedding), and for some … Continue reading

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Autumn color: red leaves against a blue car

I took this picture about two weeks ago, as I was pushing my cart out of the grocery store. The red leaves against that blue car made such a striking color combination that I discreetly pulled out my phone and … Continue reading

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Cricket phone store at night

I’d like to try taking more photos at night. Usually my nighttime photos turn out kind of green, like this one of a runner in night fog that I took several years ago. But last night when I was stopped … Continue reading

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