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Windswept, snow-covered weeds (photo)

Every day on my way to work, I think about how pretty this hill looks . . . as I speed past. And then I vow to remember to stop the next day so I can take a picture.  Problem … Continue reading

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“S” is for sewer

I mean, how else could I have titled this photo? 🙂 (It’s actually a Styrofoam packing peanut.)

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Buddha mummy proves truth about statues

Last April I wrote a short post titled “The Truth About Statues” about my childhood belief that statues were made by pouring concrete over dead people—or maybe not dead until AFTER the concrete casing went on! Possibly you’ve seen this photograph and story today? … Continue reading

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The Grohmann Museum’s “Milwaukee Road” Exhibit

My office at Milwaukee School of Engineering is in the Grohmann Museum, which houses the world’s largest collection of art depicting the subject of “Man at Work.”  In 2008 The Wall Street Journal published a wonderful article about Eckhart Grohmann and … Continue reading

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Box Elder Gold on Ice

This is the junkiest, ugliest tree in the neighborhood—a female box elder.  Not only does it drop seed pods constantly throughout the year, but it also harbors box elder bugs.  Most of the time these red bugs stick close to … Continue reading

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Brian Williams, Jonah Lehrer, and kleptomania

By now, who hasn’t heard the news about NBC anchor Brian Williams? That he lied multiple times, over a period of many years, about his helicopter being hit by ground fire in Iraq. That he apparently lied about many other … Continue reading

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Wind-sculpted snowdrift

I noticed this snowdrift up against our fence late this afternoon—and would love to learn more about the physics behind the beautiful swirls and ridges of sand dunes and snowdrifts.  I’m sure it has something to do with the granular nature of sand … Continue reading

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The near-blizzard snowstorm over the weekend left city streets a mess, with gigantic piles of snow at intersections so tall that it’s hard for someone in a compact car to see oncoming traffic. But I just stopped off at Starbucks … Continue reading

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