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Is Hollywood Over?

Really interesting article in Vanity Fair Magazine this month, “Why Hollywood as We Know It Is Already Over.” Basically it says that Hollywood is too bloated and calcified, producing unoriginal action movies that it hopes will hit big in foreign … Continue reading

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What’s in a Tagline? (Or: My Blog’s Identity Crisis)

I’ve had this sinking feeling for a while that the actual content I’ve posted on my blog for the past almost-five years had almost nothing to do with the blog’s original tagline: Ideas on creativity, innovation, lifelong learning, and other random stuff … Continue reading

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Thanks, Google!

Way back when I started my blog in April 2012, I wrote a post to articulate the way I see the world and how I expected that perspective to shape my daily (ahem, weekly?) entries. As it so often feels, this post died as soon … Continue reading

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Just a fluke, but still lots of fun

This is what my stats looked like shortly after 11:00 last night. (Yep, I use the old stats page. The new one doesn’t give you this snapshot of “context.”) This morning I’m back on track to my usual numbers, lucky to … Continue reading

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Brian Williams, Jonah Lehrer, and kleptomania

By now, who hasn’t heard the news about NBC anchor Brian Williams?  That he lied multiple times, over a period of many years, about his helicopter being hit by ground fire in Iraq.  That he apparently lied about many other … Continue reading

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Be my Facebook friend?

In a comment at the end of a post a couple days ago Kitty Barran ( mentioned that she’d rather receive my blog posts through Facebook than either email or Twitter. So I’ve done it.  Joined Facebook.  I now have a “profile picture” and a … Continue reading

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Resolved: To Be Good Enough

You’ve surely seen the motivational posters before.  Possibly you’ve also seen the “demotivators” from  This one has always been my favorite, mostly because of the contempt I’ve always felt for people who practiced mediocrity.  Ha!  What’s that saying about … Continue reading

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