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Empty nests, awaiting summer occupants

  They look so lonely up there in the naked trees 🙂 But there’s a reassuring permanence about them at the same time.  When spring comes, these nests will be here to shelter baby songbirds again, as they have for several years … Continue reading

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Deco on Rye

Okay, my title is like a bad pun.  But that’s what I thought of when I saw such a tiny building squeezed into the space between two larger and older buildings. A sandwich 🙂 This somewhat out of place Art Deco building is part … Continue reading

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Coffers and Corinthians

A trip to the dentist took me past City Hall again for the second time in a couple months. In December it had been probably a few years since I’d been able to get up close, thanks to the scaffolding … Continue reading

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The Northern Soul Project – The Father-Son Shredded Wheat Commercial (Post #5)

Warning: this television ad (or, “advert,” as they apparently say in England) will make your heart melt. Apparently just released within the past week, this Shredded Wheat cereal commercial profiles a father and son who go out dancing at the all-nighters together.  In Post … Continue reading

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Perspective (2)

Bright sunshine today for the first time in maybe a week. Had to pull down the blinds in my office . . . at which point I noticed another “perspective”-type convergence of lines similar (vaguely) to my post last Friday, … Continue reading

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General Tom Thumb rescued from deadly Milwaukee hotel fire!

In doing some class prep I came across a book titled Vintage Milwaukee Postcards, by Larry Widen, which talks about, among other interesting pieces of Milwaukee history, the famous (in its day) Newhall House Fire. The Newhall House was a sprawling six-story, wood-framed luxury … Continue reading

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Be my Facebook friend?

In a comment at the end of a post a couple days ago Kitty Barran ( mentioned that she’d rather receive my blog posts through Facebook than either email or Twitter. So I’ve done it.  Joined Facebook.  I now have a “profile picture” and a … Continue reading

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I definitely was paying attention at the Faculty Senate meeting this morning in the Schroeder Room of MSOE’s Walter Schroeder Library! But sitting in a different seat than usual led to a new perspective on a view that is normally at my back.  As … Continue reading

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

On my way to work this morning I saw this fragment of litter lying on the ground. Obviously, it’s the outside edge of continuous-feed printer paper.  Anyone younger than thirty may not know what that is, so here’s a photo for reference. … Continue reading

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Intersections: old/new, vertical/horizontal

I attended a party/dinner downtown last night with my husband, and as he paid for our parking, I noticed the interesting juxtaposition of lines at the spot where a parking garage met an old office building. Night colors are always off … Continue reading

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