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First Food Truck Friday!

I spotted the first food truck of the season in front of Red Arrow Park on Water Street shortly after 1:00 this afternoon.  I didn’t notice any customers, so maybe it was just a practice run.  Such a happy sight, … Continue reading

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Marbleized shadow (photo)

What is this? Maybe this will help. I stopped at the store on my way home from teaching last night and parked under one of those tall, bright lights at the edge of the lot.  As I pulled out my grocery … Continue reading

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The banality of evil (Boston Marathon bombing)

A death in Milwaukee last week got me thinking about the nature of evil. Patrick Kennedy (NOT evil), the Milwaukee police detective to whom serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (evil) confessed his heinous crimes, died last Thursday of an apparent heart attack.  … Continue reading

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I just discovered a terrific Twitter hashtag: #iphoneography.  (There are also parallel hashtags #iphonegraphy and #iphonography.) If you love photography, you’ll enjoy following this “conversation.”  You probably already know about it, in fact.  I’m usually late to the party. Basically #iphoneography, … Continue reading

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Downtown Milwaukee fog (photo)

Remember my “Leading Edge” photo from Tuesday evening?  I took this picture after my film studies class ended last night, from basically the same spot. Thunderstorms the past two days, with rising temps up to about 60 degrees.  I think … Continue reading

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Water soccer? (photo)

I know there’s such a thing as water polo.  How about water soccer?  As this photo I took from my car this morning shows, the Menomonee River has overrun its banks, flooding a nearby soccer field.  In some places the … Continue reading

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The leading edge (photo)

I took this picture walking back to my office from my film studies class tonight.  Such an interesting sky!  To the north, all was completely clear.  But to the south, there was heavy cloud cover.  The line running from west … Continue reading

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