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Grohmann Museum – Twilight, November Drizzle

Photo of a streetlight shining through raindrops on the glass canopy over the entrance to the Grohmann Museum, taken as I left work late this afternoon.

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November – Sunlight on Silver Maple Branches

Caught this glimpse of sunlight on the dangling branches of our silver maple this morning. Can’t decide which of these photos I like the most, so I’m just posting all three for now 🙂  Which should I go with permanently?

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The Kindness of Strangers: Lost and Found

Some kind soul found this necklace and placed it in a spot where its owner might be more likely to find it. When my daughter lost her favorite stuffed animal in the grocery store years ago, someone did the same … Continue reading

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Carved in Stone . . .

. . . is no guarantee of permanence, as you can see. The carpenters’ union apparently found another home, and their building eventually became a place of support for a new group of people.

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Calatrava Interior, Late Afternoon on a Sunny Day

Early September at the Milwaukee Art Museum with the brise soleil unfurled.

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Dontre Hamilton: “Rest in Power”

In making the wide circuit back to my office after running an errand on the other side of campus, I decided to swing through Red Arrow Park to pick up a sandwich for lunch at Starbucks. And this is what … Continue reading

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Light Ricochet

It seems the busier I get in my real life, the more difficult it becomes to produce text-heavy blog posts. Language is my living, and I appear to be using up all my vocabulary at work. Words elude me when I’m … Continue reading

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Rimmed by Light

Taken with my iPhone this morning on my way to work. Very grainy, I know (there’s only so “close-up” you can get with a phone!), but I loved the sharp rims of white sunlight along the eastern edge of City Hall’s … Continue reading

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