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Storm Clouds over Mulate’s

We’ve had some thunderstorms this week in New Orleans. Thankfully I was inside during the worst one Monday evening. Incredibly powerful thunder and lightning, and very low in the sky…seemingly right overhead! I took this photo as I left the … Continue reading

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What movie does my hotel shower remind you of?

Yeah, me too😄 I made sure all the doors were locked before I stepped in!

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The French Quarter

Well, a very busy day at the actual conference yesterday, so the “French Quarter” post isn’t going up till today. My co-author Cindy and I presented our paper, and I think we have a great topic that I hope to … Continue reading

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Riding to (and on) the City of New Orleans

The big annual conference for engineering educators (ASEE) is happening this week in New Orleans. I hate flying (who doesn’t anymore?) and so booked a bedroom on the train from Milwaukee. I’ve always wanted to do that, and with a … Continue reading

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City Hall, Twice Removed

Twice removed – the reflection reflected, on the south side of State Street, at an angle from north and west, viewed from north and east. Once removed – the original reflection, looking north from Red Arrow Park. And the real … Continue reading

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No smoking. And they mean it!

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How about a nice game of chess?

Seen on Milwaukee’s near west side. If you were born in the last 25 years, you might not know what this sign means. The truth is, it probably doesn’t mean anything anymore. Just a relic of a bygone era. During the … Continue reading

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Little Free Library (#7) – Milwaukee Fire Department, Engine House 32

Found in the neighborhood just northeast of 35th and Vliet in Milwaukee. Saving lives in more ways than one 🙂  

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So many milks! And coffee, coffee, coffee!

Americans don’t realize how rich we are. It’s so easy not to feel rich when we read about luxury homes sold in London, Paris, or New York for eight or even nine figures. Millions and millions and millions of dollars. Who can afford … Continue reading

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Panorama of the Panorama!

I stopped in this morning to see the Grohmann Museum’s new exhibit. Although it opened May 27, I’ve only been in the building since then during hours when the gallery is closed. Last week was finals, and between holing up to grade … Continue reading

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