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“May” versus “Might”

There is a difference between “may” and “might.”  I don’t think the distinction is taught in school, and because neither is the kind of word that would call attention to itself when used incorrectly in conversation, it’s not usually a … Continue reading

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Where a lone dinosaur roams

I have intended to photograph this dinosaur for years.  A couple of decades, actually. The colorful, scaly reptile is a denizen of a long-closed amusement park on the northwest side of Milwaukee – once a roadside attraction featuring miniature golf, possibly go … Continue reading

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El Greco sky

The sky this afternoon was a giant mass of clouds, with just one hole where the sun burned through.  Doesn’t it remind you a little of El Greco’s View of Toledo?

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Recording Academy pushes for digital songwriter credits

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about how I’d noticed that iTunes doesn’t give credit to songwriters.  It looks like I’m not the only person who wishes things were different.  According to an AP story by Mesfin Fekadu … Continue reading

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E-books versus print – a false dichotomy?

I’ve seen some really interesting articles in the last few days appearing to indicate that, regardless of the zeitgeist’s general consensus, print is NOT dead.  Here are links to three articles – two from Publishers Weekly and one from The Telegraph – that … Continue reading

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The Power of “Freshly Pressed”

. . . and peril of the paralysis that follows. At least for me, anyway. If you are a blogger, you know that WordPress features 19 blogs daily on its home page, continually updating and rotating them out as the … Continue reading

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Securely anchored

I have no idea what is going on with these ropes.  Probably something to do with window washing.  But don’t you immediately begin to imagine they might serve a more fanciful purpose?  Like securely anchoring the building so it doesn’t float … Continue reading

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