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Straight Narrow Way Missionary Bible Church

Pabst, Schlitz, and Blatz—all former local Milwaukee breweries that gave Miller (also a Milwaukee brewery) plenty of competition in their day—once constructed their own saloons/taverns as outlets for selling their beer. You can still find these old taverns scattered around Milwaukee, largely repurposed … Continue reading

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Glorious September Sun and Clouds

Absolutely beautiful sky early this evening. What is it about the changing quality of light this time of year? As usual, getting the photo depended on my being able to whip out my phone. Although I still like it, the … Continue reading

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Grohmann Statue and Shadow

We had to go outside for a fire drill two days ago at work, and while waiting for the emergency coordinator to come and tell us it was clear to go back into the building, I looked up and noticed … Continue reading

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Little Free Library (#3) – “Miss Kris”

Saw this mini-library box on my way to work and had to get a picture. Don’t you love the shushing librarian, “Miss Kris,” at her desk safeguarding the “stacks”? Very imaginative!

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He came to the fork in the road . . . and took it. RIP, Yogi Berra.

America’s greatest living philosopher is no more. He died yesterday at the age of 90. The New York Times ran a beautiful obit, which you can read here. Yogi Berra the baseball player was phenomenal, one of the very best catchers … Continue reading

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Good Day Sunshine

Taken with my iPhone while stopped at a traffic light on my way to work earlier this week. Thank you, Apple, for making it so easy to capture images in places and at times that would have been impossible otherwise. … Continue reading

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Come into my parlour . . .

When I let the dogs out last week, I noticed the shimmery green fly in a web on our back deck. I bent around the corner to see if the spider was anywhere around. Oh, yeah. There it was. The … Continue reading

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Foreground (Old), Middle Ground (Older), Background (New)

Something about the shapes of these rooflines in Downtown Milwaukee caught my attention while I walked between meetings this afternoon. One building sort of rolls away into the next, hopscotching among eras of architectural history as our gaze is pulled successively … Continue reading

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Just a fluke, but still lots of fun

This is what my stats looked like shortly after 11:00 last night. (Yep, I use the old stats page. The new one doesn’t give you this snapshot of “context.”) This morning I’m back on track to my usual numbers, lucky to … Continue reading

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