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A lovely, dreary day at Milwaukee’s lakefront

I had lunch at the Milwaukee Art Museum’s restaurant today with a group of dear, old friends (going on 25 years!): Jo, Kathleen, and Karen. The restaurant is a well-kept secret. Well, maybe not that secret, but I’m a museum … Continue reading

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The Two Towers

Neither Orthanc nor Barad-dûr. nor Cirith Ungol, nor Minas Tirith, nor even Minas Morgul. Nope, this is Milwaukee’s City Hall. Again 🙂  

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Mark Rothko “Orange and Yellow” with Woman in Jade Green

While visiting the “Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels” show at the Milwaukee Art Museum several weeks ago, I was sitting on a bench about twenty feet away from this painting by Mark Rothko (“Orange and Yellow,” 1956) when a woman … Continue reading

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Grohmann Museum in October

Looking east on State Street in downtown Milwaukee. I love the yellow leaves of the locust trees against the red brick and green dome of the Grohmann.

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Balding on Top


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Slant of Autumn Sunlight

I thought about cropping the “city” fixtures out of this picture, but I’ve decided I like the traffic light at the bottom right. That one little red dot sort of counterbalances and complements all the varying shades of blue. What is it about autumn light? These beautiful skies … Continue reading

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Little Free Library #6 – London Calling

This mini-library replica of a British red telephone box . . . . . . is at its best during the night, when it is lit up by a focused spotlight. Its red glow can be seen from a few … Continue reading

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Another post on America’s role in the Middle East (or lack thereof)

I just picked up this morning’s Wall Street Journal and was surprised to see an article on the front page of the “Review” section that echoed my own thoughts about what’s happening in the Middle East right now. (It made me … Continue reading

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Russia, Syria, Ukraine, and Turkey: And so it begins

I hardly know where to start with this post; so many bits of knowledge are swimming around in my head. First, I think something really significant is happening in the Middle East right now. Lots of pieces that have been … Continue reading

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Little Free Library (#5) – Stained Glass

Milwaukee’s older homes are characterized by beautiful woodwork and built-in cabinetry, often accented with leaded stained-glass windows. This mini-library box mimics what is probably a standard feature in the neighborhood it occupies.  

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