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Al Jarreau as “The Jazz Singer” (SCTV)

Among my favoriteĀ moments from Al Jarreau (who was born in Milwaukee and passed away yesterday) is this parody of Neil Diamond’s 1980 remake of The Jazz Singer. You know it’s going to be great the moment you see Sid Dithers … Continue reading

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Is Hollywood Over?

Really interesting article in Vanity Fair Magazine this month, “Why Hollywood as We Know It Is Already Over.” Basically it says that Hollywood is too bloated and calcified, producing unoriginal action movies that it hopes will hit big in foreign … Continue reading

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Drinking the Kool Aid

It still kind of shocks me to read or hear people using that phrase to describe positive buy-in to a new idea. As in, “We’re extremely excited about our company’s new product. Everyone has been drinking the Kool Aid, and … Continue reading

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What movie does my hotel shower remind you of?

Yeah, me toošŸ˜„ I made sure all the doors were locked before I stepped in!

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So many milks! And coffee, coffee, coffee!

Americans don’t realize how rich we are. It’s so easyĀ not to feel rich when we read about luxury homes sold in London, Paris, or New YorkĀ for eight or even nine figures. Millions and millions and millions of dollars.Ā Who can afford … Continue reading

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Tenacity (or, “Life finds a way.”)

At first glance this probably looks like my usual abstract, geometrical whatever type of photo. (It surprisesĀ me to realize I even haveĀ a “usual” type of photo . . . ) But look again. Can you see it? That delicateĀ little spiral … Continue reading

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How “tilt shift” in movies unites form and content

I’m teaching film studies this quarter, and one of the small pieces of information I introduce to help students developĀ a vocabularyĀ for talking about movies is the concept of “tilt shift” photography. I’m no expert on the technology itself, except to … Continue reading

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