November – Sunlight on Silver Maple Branches

Caught this glimpse of sunlight on the dangling branches of our silver maple this morning. Can’t decide which of these photos I like the most, so I’m just posting all three for now :)  Which should I go with permanently?



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The Kindness of Strangers: Lost and Found

Some kind soul found this necklace and placed it in a spot where its owner might be more likely to find it.


When my daughter lost her favorite stuffed animal in the grocery store years ago, someone did the same for us by setting Mr. Bugs atop a freestanding cardboard display of ketchup bottles.

Like Blanche in Streetcar, I have always hoped for—and usually found—compassion and assistance from others. Not that I’m reckless or (overly :) ) detached from reality and the need to be self-reliant. But thank goodness for good people! Especially when the news every day is so full of evil and corruption and careless disregard.


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Carved in Stone . . .

. . . is no guarantee of permanence, as you can see.


The carpenters’ union apparently found another home, and their building eventually became a place of support for a new group of people.

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Calatrava Interior, Late Afternoon on a Sunny Day

imageEarly September at the Milwaukee Art Museum with the brise soleil unfurled.


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Dontre Hamilton: “Rest in Power”

In making the wide circuit back to my office after running an errand on the other side of campus, I decided to swing through Red Arrow Park to pick up a sandwich for lunch at Starbucks.

And this is what I saw.


Over a year since a memorial to honor Dontre Hamilton was first proposed for the place where he was slain by a Milwaukee police officer (with little official attention since then, possibly because no one wanted to deal with it?), someone has gone ahead and created a memorial anyway without waiting for the wheels of government to turn.

Although I’m sure the official position is that no one should be permitted create a memorial in a public park on their own initiative without going through proper channels, perhaps the county can unofficially sanction this homegrown memorial  by leaving it alone.


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Light Ricochet


It seems the busier I get in my real life, the more difficult it becomes to produce text-heavy blog posts. Language is my living, and I appear to be using up all my vocabulary at work. Words elude me when I’m tired.

At the same time, oddly, images present themselves to me more forcefully than ever. Look at me! they call from the most unexpected places. Take my picture!

So I was walking down State Street after work yesterday, when I was blinded by sunlight. I was in the shade of the office building across the street, so that shouldn’t have been possible. But it was a reflection of sunlight off the windows. And not just a reflection, but a reflection of a reflection—sunlight that had already reflected off the windows of yet another office building. The resulting light was really pretty, kind of soft and warm. As you can see in this photo, it “glowed” off the glass instead of bouncing sharply, suffusing the trees below with golden color.

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Rimmed by Light


Taken with my iPhone this morning on my way to work. Very grainy, I know (there’s only so “close-up” you can get with a phone!), but I loved the sharp rims of white sunlight along the eastern edge of City Hall’s two towers. So for what it’s worth, I thought I’d post and share :)

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