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I am a college professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where I teach literature, film studies, political science, and communication. I also volunteer with a Milwaukee homeless sanctuary, Repairers of the Breach, as chair of the Communications and Fund Development Committee.


Quite an existential feat this furniture store has managed to pull off! It is closed, as evidenced by the security gate across its entrance. It is open, as evidenced by the lit-up sign in the window. And it is timeless, … Continue reading

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A rainy start to May

Which is OK with me! The alternative for those of us who live in Wisconsin is 1-3 inches of snow, which the poor unfortunates who live about an hour north and west of Milwaukee are experiencing today. Additionally, today’s rain … Continue reading

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Abstractions: On a load of dirty dishes, ready to run

Or, the mundane and the sublime, lol. I had just finished loading the dishwasher today, placed the little Cascade detergent pod in the tray, but then right as I was about to snap the tray lid shut, raise the door, … Continue reading

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After a March snowstorm, late afternoon

I just liked the overall mix of lines and light and color.😀

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A man on the street

WAY far away . . . I was walking down the hill to go into the back door entrance of my parking garage when I saw the man walking ahead of me in the distance. I liked the composition of … Continue reading

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A song about sunscreen from Baz Luhrmann and some thoughts on Leo DiCaprio

This “song” came on the radio when I was driving home from work the other day. Baz Luhrmann, of course, is the incredibly talented director of films like William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996), Moulin Rouge! (2001), The Great Gatsby … Continue reading

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Creativity and good mental health go hand in hand

Here’s an interview with Hilde Østby, author of a forthcoming book (April) titled The Key to Creativity. What really resonates for me and jibes with my own feelings and intuitive understanding of creativity is the reciprocal positive relationship between creativity … Continue reading

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Snowy branches outside my office window

Just a momentary distraction while pausing during my workday to make a cup of coffee. The snowy contrasts, including the slushy street, were striking enough to prompt a photo. Now back to my slideshow on elections and the Electoral College, … Continue reading

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The Snowy Day

Is it just me, or does this Lands’ End catalog cover remind you of that beautiful childhood picture book classic by Ezra Jack Keats? Something about the bright red coat and stark, crisp, clean blocks of color contrast, I don’t … Continue reading

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I tossed my phone charger aside on the couch after I unplugged it the other day, and this is what I saw😄 Kind of striking, that curl of white against the two jumbled, dark red blankets. So I used the … Continue reading

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