Is that a Dr. Seuss chimney?

Nope.  Just ours, distorted in the reflection of our neighbor’s car window.  Totally Grinch-worthy, don’t you think?

I love Dr. Seuss books for their art and wordplay.  Just looking at a list of Seuss titles brings back each book instantly, almost viscerally.  I can see the illustrations; I can hear the sly rhymes:

  • The Cat in the Hat
  • McElligot’s Pool
  • One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • The 500 Hats of Bartholmew Cubbins
  • Yertle the Turtle
  • Horton Hears a Who!

What a beautiful imagination Dr. Seuss had!  I can’t decide which of his books is my favorite.  Can you?

About Katherine Wikoff

I am a college professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where I teach literature, film studies, political science, and communication. I also volunteer with a Milwaukee homeless sanctuary, Repairers of the Breach, as chair of the Communications and Fund Development Committee.
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4 Responses to Is that a Dr. Seuss chimney?

  1. I love this quote from the Cat in the Hat:
    “When our mother went down to the town for the day, she said, “Somebody has to clean all this away.
    Somebody, somebody has to, you see.”
    Then she picked out two Somebodies.
    Sally and me.”
    I’ve kind of lived by that ever since. (Me being the “Somebody” in most situations!!)


    • I think I must be the other Somebody 🙂 That sneaky Cat in the Hat . . . When I began reading Greek and Roman mythology, I recognized him in Hermes/Mercury, as a real trickster trying to mix things up just because he enjoys watching the chaos unfold. I also remember trying to wrap my mind around that bathtub ring in the sequel. All attempts to clean it up just made it worse, until finally the “nesting doll” collection of cats arrived to take care of it at the nanolevel (Little Cat Z).

      Now that I think about it, Seuss books really ARE very surreal, aren’t they. I should get several from the library soon and spend a Saturday afternoon reading them all, just to immerse myself in the “Seuss experience”!


  2. Oh, “To think that I saw it on Mulberry St.”


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