The Northern Soul Project – The Father-Son Shredded Wheat Commercial (Post #5)

Warning: this television ad (or, “advert,” as they apparently say in England) will make your heart melt.

Apparently just released within the past week, this Shredded Wheat cereal commercial profiles a father and son who go out dancing at the all-nighters together.  In Post #3 of the series about my lifelong-learning/self-education project, I wrote about how Northern Soul’s sense of community embraces all ages, all races.  This ad captures some of that.

If you’d like to read other posts in my Northern Soul Project, you can link to them below.




About Katherine Wikoff

I am a college professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where I teach literature, film studies, political science, and communication. I also volunteer with a Milwaukee homeless sanctuary, Repairers of the Breach, as chair of the Communications and Fund Development Committee.
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10 Responses to The Northern Soul Project – The Father-Son Shredded Wheat Commercial (Post #5)

  1. Lisa says:

    What a terrific commercial!


  2. paulrwaibel says:

    It’s never too late to enjoy life.


  3. KeithTheFaith says:

    I think this chap appeared on regional TV when he hired a cinema for all his family / friends to see the film “Northern Soul ” which was huge in 2014. The advert – which is mercifully much shorter on telly – has picked up on its success .
    I’m still into keep fit but I’m not sure anybody who was there would ever suggest NS is a healthy life style choice !
    Katherine – forgot to mention NS on your doorstep

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my, I had no idea! Thanks for pointing me in their direction. I’ve “liked” them on Facebook now (I only just recently got an account myself), so I’ll be able to follow the action.

      So it sounds as though the father and son are the real deal, not just actors. That’s really neat to know, along with your background on them hiring the theater for the movie screening. I need to buy that film and watch it myself.

      Thank you for all your info and insight! I appreciate all I’m learning from you!


  4. KeithTheFaith says:

    Katherine – Mass your Milwaukee Funkateers for June – destination Chicago….Oh and I also found a boring old thesis about Northern soul 🙂


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