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“When You’re Good to Mama” — Heard on a head-clearing coffee run to Starbucks

I have so much work to do! But as I finished one project and faced the daunting prospect of beginning the next one, I forced myself out of the door because I knew it would be good for me to … Continue reading

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Why I love my Starbucks

Before the pandemic hit, I would walk to the Red Arrow Starbucks down the hill from my office at least once a day. I’ve only been there a handful of times since. For a long time after my college moved … Continue reading

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Storm’s Coming

Taken with my iPhone on a mid-morning Starbucks run. The brief, sunny break between today’s rainy weather systems appears to be ending. Lucky for me that my break between classes coincided with the blue sky 😄

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The near-blizzard snowstorm over the weekend left city streets a mess, with gigantic piles of snow at intersections so tall that it’s hard for someone in a compact car to see oncoming traffic. But I just stopped off at Starbucks … Continue reading

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Red Arrow “Slice of Ice” (plus “Hank” the Dog)

The “Slice of Ice” skating rink at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee is nearly ready for skaters.  It opens for the season tomorrow (Thursday, December 4) at 4:00. Yesterday I noticed that the rink’s cement had been covered by … Continue reading

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Ghost Moon (photo)

Seen on my way to the Starbucks at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee this morning, looking west on State Street. And below is the cropped image I was sort of aiming for.  I don’t know if the photo will stick here … Continue reading

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Three Memorials: The 32nd Infantry, Patrick Lucey, and Dontre Hamilton

On my Starbucks run while taking a break from making up the final exam for my political science class, I was struck by this sight. The granite arrow honors the 32nd Infantry Division of the U.S. Army National Guard, made up … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like . . . St. Patrick’s Day?

My favorite Starbucks establishment is just a few blocks away from my office, at Red Arrow Park at the corner of Water and State in downtown Milwaukee.  It is the only Starbucks I know of that’s located in a park … Continue reading

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