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Grohmann Museum, Morning Sun Through Clouds

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Rimmed by Light

Taken with my iPhone this morning on my way to work. Very grainy, I know (there’s only so “close-up” you can get with a phone!), but I loved the sharp rims of white sunlight along the eastern edge of City Hall’s … Continue reading

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Slant of Autumn Sunlight

I thought about cropping the “city” fixtures out of this picture, but I’ve decided I like the traffic light at the bottom right. That one little red dot sort of counterbalances and complements all the varying shades of blue. What is it about autumn light? These beautiful skies … Continue reading

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Morning Sunlight: Wall Opposite a Window

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Morning Sunlight, à la Brothers Grimm

I don’t know why this golden-orange cast of sunrise on trees makes me think of a Grimm Brothers fairy tale.  When I walked outside my front door this morning, the gilded bark was the first thing I noticed, and “Grimm … Continue reading

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