Is Hollywood Over?

Really interesting article in Vanity Fair Magazine this month, “Why Hollywood as We Know It Is Already Over.

Basically it says that Hollywood is too bloated and calcified, producing unoriginal action movies that it hopes will hit big in foreign markets but often end up losing money. Additionally it cites Silicon Valley as Hollywood’s newest, greatest threat, via emphasis on animation (making actors less necessary), data-driven scripts (making screenwriters less necessary), algorithmic viewer customization (making directors and editors less necessary), and direct delivery (making distributors and movie theaters less necessary).

I’m not sure I completely buy his argument, but the writer, Nick Bilton, makes very a strong case. Definitely recommended reading for anyone working in a creative field, as well as for anyone who loves watching films/television or reading novels. Although machines may soon be capable of routinely creating films equal to Hollywood’s more mediocre offerings, I don’t think that true talent is in any real danger of being replaced.

The article’s real takeaway for me is that the film industry is about to be upended, and no one really knows what new model(s) will replace it. Lots of opportunity for outsiders to capitalize on the disruption and find a place among the ruins.

About Katherine Wikoff

I am a college professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where I teach literature, film studies, political science, and communication. I also volunteer with a Milwaukee homeless sanctuary, Repairers of the Breach, as chair of the Communications and Fund Development Committee.
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4 Responses to Is Hollywood Over?

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    I don’t think it is over, like you said, just changing (as is everything else).

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  2. I really like the theater experience. Kind of like holding a real book. But, as with the Nook I now own and use extensively, the times, they are a changin’ .

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  3. Hamza sekkat says:

    Hollywood is a worldwide market, it is USA economy and politics. it can only be over when USA is over which is impossible. 🙂

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