5 Responses to Media can, should, must do better

  1. Sally Cissna says:

    Very good points, Katie!

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  2. Marites Grier says:

    I always learn something good every time I read your posts. You are intelligent.

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  3. Rose Didier says:

    Bravo, Katie, bravo!


    • Thank you, Rose. This post and my other recent one on media have gotten no traction at all. Maybe people think I’m being political, or maybe no one is interested in talking about the role of media. I was feeling demoralized by the lack of engagement either way, so I truly appreciate your comment!


  4. mworfolk says:

    I really appreciated the points you made in this article–it’s well written and extremely important. I think media definitely shapes, as well as reflects, current realities!


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