Abstractions: On a load of dirty dishes, ready to run

Or, the mundane and the sublime, lol.

I had just finished loading the dishwasher today, placed the little Cascade detergent pod in the tray, but then right as I was about to snap the tray lid shut, raise the door, and press the start buy, I noticed what a striking image I was looking at.

Bear with me while I explain. This was the first thing I noticed.

More specifically, the intricate “rivulet” patterns that had formed as cocoa dripped from a mug to the door from the pulled-out top rack when it was loaded after breakfast and then slowly drained downward when the dishwasher door was raised and shut until later in the day.

And an even closer look at those little “rivers.”

This actually reminds me a lot of the ink-drawn hills/dunes in the opening credits of The English Patient.

I shared the bigger image of the cocoa drips/rivers with my daughter, and she thought it looked like people. I agreed that it did in a weird kind of way, so I rotated the picture and cropped it to isolate the “humans.”

Cool, right?

So then just one final shot, with the detergent pod. I liked the tiny, tiny, tiny sliver of light at the upper left and the hint of color (blue and green) from the Cascade.

I don’t know; it looked cooler in my camera roll. Oh wait, maybe the problem is, it’s missing the black bars of the camera roll in my phone. You can’t see the little sliver of white in the upper left without that “frame of contrast at the top.

That’s better. I need to work with it a bit more, maybe put the whole thing inside a black frame. Which may not make it a better photograph, of course. I mean, after all, we’re looking at a dirty dishwasher door!

But still, it somehow speaks to me. I kinda like it, this squarish machine composition with its Rorschach blot!😄

About Katherine Wikoff

I am a college professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where I teach literature, film studies, political science, and communication. I also volunteer with a Milwaukee homeless sanctuary, Repairers of the Breach, as chair of the Communications and Fund Development Committee.
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  1. What an interesting composition!

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