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Cool Google Docs “Insert Symbol” Feature

I was just working on something in Google Docs and needed to insert a letter “a” with a circumflex. I clicked on “insert symbol” and searched for “a,” but none of the options were what I needed. Then I noticed … Continue reading

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Colons: how and when to use them

A couple days ago I posted on semicolons, with a note that I’d decided to split my original post, covering both semicolons and colons, into two parts once I realized that the semicolon discussion was getting out of control.  Okay, … Continue reading

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Should I put a comma before the word “too”?

Someone just asked this question, and the answer is “yes.”  Most of the time, at least.  When to use a comma —When you use “too” in the adverb sense of saying “also,” “likewise,” or “as well,” the word should always be set off … Continue reading

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Semicolons: how and when to use them

The most popular post I’ve written so far has been the one titled “What’s the difference between grammar, punctuation, and mechanics?”  It gets at least one view per day, and most days it tops my list of most-viewed posts. Because … Continue reading

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“Hawks Do Not Share”: Re-reconsidering Zelda Fitzgerald

I’m not sure why, but a slew of books is being published right now about Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of F. Scott.  Here is an article/ book review from the March 22, 2013, Wall Street Journal that discusses several of the new (fictional) … Continue reading

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I’m back (hopefully . . .)

Here’s what happens sometimes when I’m not even trying. I have been away from blogging for over a month because my offline responsibilities have claimed the lion’s share of my attention.  Family, job, that sort of thing. Part of the problem, … Continue reading

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If you build it, they will come: the importance of infrastructure for creativity and innovation

Here’s a little factoid I’d forgotten about until my husband and I were discussing the recent Presidential debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: The famous series of debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas were not held during the … Continue reading

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