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The “Little House” Books: A new collection looks back

A review in this morning’s “Review” section of The Wall Street Journal alerted me to the recent republication of one of my favorite childhood series, the “Little House” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  This new collection of Wilder’s nine books is … Continue reading

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Perspectives on depth perception as metaphor in film

I took this photo of the hallway outside my hotel room in San Antonio last week. I loved how the striped carpet and the alternating patterns of light and shadow added to the telescoping effect created by the distance perspective. … Continue reading

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The Hatfields and McCoys . . . and Hitchcock?

This week the History Channel is running a six-hour presentation of America’s most famous feud, the murderous, longstanding grudge match between the Hatfield and McCoy families living along border between Kentucky and West Virginia.   I am from a small town on … Continue reading

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