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Birds on a Wire

I saw this flock sitting along the wires and loved the sight of their collective silhouette against the cloud and light behind them.  The resolution isn’t great because I was far away and had only my phone (instead of a … Continue reading

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Sing it, mystery girl!

This little critter was warbling away up on the power lines this morning. Is this a robin? It has a reddish breast but also a fair amount of white lower down. A female? The bill is yellowish with a black tip like … Continue reading

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Leaving the nest

One of the baby chickadees left the nest early this morning, around 5:30 a.m.  (See video of the nest I shot about a month ago here.) Shortly after letting the dogs back in, I glanced out the kitchen window and … Continue reading

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Woodpecker nest

I never intended for this blog to become so nature focused, but I keep noticing nature-y things.  Last weekend I saw a woodpecker angrily chasing a robin away from the upper branches of our silver maple.  The robin kept coming back … Continue reading

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