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“You’re alone.” (Further thoughts on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

Just saw breaking news that Moldova and Georgia have filed applications to join the European Union. This coming just a few days after Ukraine made its own urgent application to join. Not to mention on the heels of an ever-lengthening … Continue reading

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Linking to an old (2017) but freshly updated post about SCTV’s “CCCP 1” episode and today’s crisis in Ukraine

I noticed that this old post was getting lots of views tonight, so I decided to go in and check on whether the embedded video was still live. Nope. So I found some new clips and also added some commentary … Continue reading

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Some insights on Ukraine from social media activity

It’s very interesting to see the roles played by social media in this Ukraine crisis. We see protests occurring in Moscow and St. Petersburg. We see English-language TikTok video messages of support for Ukraine from Russian citizens. We get instantaneous … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Ukraine

This post is so old now (2014), but I just saw this news on Twitter from The Spectator Index (@spectatorindex): BREAKING: Russian parliamentarian says Syria has expressed willingness to recognize Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states It seems so odd … Continue reading

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Some background on Turkey within the Middle East conflicts

Today seems like a good day to link to two of my older (March 2014 and October 2015) posts about Turkey. Mostly I talk about Turkey within the context of wider regional conflicts and history, but these posts may get you … Continue reading

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The Russia–Ukraine–Syria connection (and why Turkey may be in crisis next)

Sometimes looking at a map can tell you a lot.  Take a look at this map, for example.  It shows that Russia is a largely landlocked country.  Unless you count its far northern shores deep inside the Arctic Circle. Public … Continue reading

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