France – November 11, 1918 : The clearing of the Armistice -40 photos

Beautiful and informative photo essay on the clearing in a French woods where the Armistice was signed ending the First World War (aka “The Great War” and, sadly, ironically, “The War to End All Wars”).


14-memorial clearing of the armistice compiegne forest

100 years ago

the armistice of the first world war

was signed here





November 11,1918 clearing armistice compiegne




12-memorial of the armistice clearing compiegne forest

11-clearing of the armistice compiegne walk in france

The Armistice that brought to an end of the greatest war in history,

was signed on November 11, 1918,

on this exact spot in the forest of Compiègne.




13-memorial armistice clearing compiegne forest



The clearing did not exist at that time

and the full-grown trees were so thick

that aerial observation was impossible.



10-clearing of the armistice rethondes france
























The two railway tracks that ran across here

were part of  a gunnery rail system branching off from Rethondes station

a mile away and could be used for heavy gun platforms.




18-memorial armistice 1918 compiegne forest france


The train bringing the German plenipotentiaries from Tergnier,

where they had boarded it after driving from La Capelle,

arrived at day-break on November 8…

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