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Down to the Bone

MSOE’s Campus Center building, originally the Valentin Blatz Brewing Co. Bottle House, is getting some major restoration work done. Windows are being replaced, as is apparently much of the exterior facade. Today I noticed that that the work seems to … Continue reading

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In an Earlier Era of “Walkable Cities”

If you take a close look at some of Milwaukee’s older neighborhoods, you’ll notice that a hundred years ago (approximately, say 1870-1930) factories were surrounded not only by the modest cottages of workers but also by the mansions of the owners. Today you’d … Continue reading

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Deco on Rye

Okay, my title is like a bad pun.  But that’s what I thought of when I saw such a tiny building squeezed into the space between two larger and older buildings. A sandwich 🙂 This somewhat out of place Art Deco building is part … Continue reading

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Christmas shopping in “The Village”

I don’t like shopping malls at Christmas.  Too crowded.  Too many harried people with too many gifts to buy and too little time. My husband and my younger daughter don’t mind all that.  In fact, for years now they’ve had an annual … Continue reading

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The Art of the Fire Escape (Milwaukee’s City Hall)

I had to walk past City Hall to a dentist’s appointment yesterday.  For months (actually, years off and on!) the Market Street shortcut behind City Hall has been blocked off by scaffolding erected to preserve/shore up the nearly 120-year-old structure.  I almost … Continue reading

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Colectivo Lakefront Café

What a beautiful afternoon in Milwaukee today!  Perfect weather for coffee at Colectivo’s Lakefront Café with two of my favorite MSOE colleagues, Jim and Jan.  These colorful chairs and rain barrel were right next to our outdoor table. After hearing Jim talk … Continue reading

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