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Melting ice at Red Arrow skating rink

Last week Friday the temperature was 0º on our back porch thermometer when I let the dogs out first thing in the morning.  Today the high is supposed to hit 63º.  Quite a change, (to which my sinuses can attest … Continue reading

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Reflections on “Man at Work”

These  giant (9-foot) statues line the Grohmann Museum’s rooftop sculpture garden. As I was walking into my building this morning, I saw this reflection in the windows of the office building across the street.  When I saw the statues’ silhouettes in … Continue reading

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Night trees, Miller Valley

I’ve become quite fond of my iPhone’s ability to capture fleeting images that catch my eye. On my way home from teaching a night class yesterday, I noticed these trees at the traffic light on the far western edge of Miller Valley … Continue reading

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Morning Sunlight, à la Brothers Grimm

I don’t know why this golden-orange cast of sunrise on trees makes me think of a Grimm Brothers fairy tale.  When I walked outside my front door this morning, the gilded bark was the first thing I noticed, and “Grimm … Continue reading

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