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Morning Sunlight, à la Brothers Grimm

I don’t know why this golden-orange cast of sunrise on trees makes me think of a Grimm Brothers fairy tale.  When I walked outside my front door this morning, the gilded bark was the first thing I noticed, and “Grimm … Continue reading

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Rave review for Pixar’s “Brave”!

First, a quick disclaimer: WordPress won’t let me use italics in the headline, which is why I’ve put quotation marks around the title “Brave.”  I usually italicize titles, as called for by the style guide for my field, the MLA (Modern Language … Continue reading

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Those Grim Grimm Brothers

It occurred to me this morning that I should clarify something in yesterday’s post.  When I described the saga of the Hatfields and McCoys as a Grimm Brothers fairytale, it’s because that was the most apt comparison I could think … Continue reading

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