Tenacity (or, “Life finds a way.”)

At first glance this probably looks like my usual abstract, geometrical whatever type of photo. (It surprises me to realize I even have a “usual” type of photo . . . )

spider web in public restroom

But look again.

Can you see it? That delicate little spiral framework of a spider’s web?

No matter how impregnable or sterile our human “fortresses” may seem, life really does find a way to”break through” and continue functioning—thriving, even!—despite our best efforts at control.

(Below, from Jurassic Park, an exchange that ends with one of my favorite movie lines ever 🙂 )


About Katherine Wikoff

I am a college professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where I teach literature, film studies, political science, and communication. I also volunteer with a Milwaukee homeless sanctuary, Repairers of the Breach, as chair of the Communications and Fund Development Committee.
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9 Responses to Tenacity (or, “Life finds a way.”)

  1. K'lee L. says:

    Just watched this film a day ago! I never tire of it and it never goes ‘out of style’ with it’s message to humankind. I suppose the coming of virtual reality headsets might be a precursor to a more ‘Matrix’ styled form of ‘humanity’. I hope not, but the signs ain’t good…


    • I saw that there was a virtual reality kiosk/booth at Cannes this year. One of my film studies students had access to a new VR headset this spring and wrote two papers about his experience viewing films while wearing it. You’re right: radical changes are coming, and not just in cinema but in our everyday reality, as well. O brave new world . . .

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      • K'lee L. says:

        Nooooo! Not Cannes… That just feels wrong to me, but I do understand, change comes whether we wish it or not in many instances.
        I’m curious if your student liked the virtual reality experience? Are their papers available to read anywhere? I’d be interested to read the findings.
        I suppose it will be similar to smartphones in that at first it was a novelty; something only nerds would give their time and money to. Now it’s become such an everyday tool, we simply don’t question its usage anymore.
        In my thinking the major downside to both these technologies is they peel away a little more of our ‘humanity’ and ability to relate face to face with one another…
        …time will indeed tell.


        • His papers gave me the feeling that VR will becomw big but will not replace film as it currently exists because VR takes away so many storytelling options. Like, in some ways the thing that makes film film is the editing. VR completely removes that by placing you inside the story, which is really cool but also strips away an entire layer of artistry.

          My student’s papers are not available, but I have suggested that he consider submitting them somewhere for publication. I hope he will!

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          • K'lee L. says:

            You’re right about film and the loss of that ‘layer of artistry’, which VR takes away. I also don’t think people are ready to give that up. As for your student’s paper; again, I think they may have a very timely piece many people would enjoy reading. Releasing it might lead to follow ups if that’s something they’d find interesting.

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        • “Become,” with an “e.” I’m on my phone, and the “w” is way too close to the “e” for my thumbs😄

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  2. I love that!! Reminds me of tiny plants breaking through asphalt!! Live finds a way. 🙂


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