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Tenacity (or, “Life finds a way.”)

At first glance this probably looks like my usual abstract, geometrical whatever type of photo. (It surprises me to realize I even have a “usual” type of photo . . . ) But look again. Can you see it? That delicate little spiral … Continue reading

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Come into my parlour . . .

When I let the dogs out last week, I noticed the shimmery green fly in a web on our back deck. I bent around the corner to see if the spider was anywhere around. Oh, yeah. There it was. The … Continue reading

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Room with an “itsy-bitsy” view

A spider began spinning its webs outside my office window a couple weeks ago.  Although the wind regularly rips the delicate spiral patterns to shreds, new orbs appear in their place within days.  (Click on the photo for a closer look at … Continue reading

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