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Clipping a Snowbird’s Wings

Sometime last winter I began thinking about how nice it would be someday when I’m older to spend the colder months of the year in a warmer climate. When I started casually thinking about where, I got it in my … Continue reading

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Winter’s Bright

More snow Friday and Sunday, but Milwaukee is getting lots of sunshine today. So often bright sun in winter means bitter cold, but today it’s pretty warm outside. I didn’t even need my scarf or gloves walking between buildings, although … Continue reading

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Nearly Sunset

Which is coming earlier and earlier every evening, thank goodness. Last week I noticed that for the first time this winter it wasn’t dark as I was leaving work. I took this picture on my way out the door this … Continue reading

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When you forecast the weather in Wisconsin

Milwaukee’s Fox 6 meteorologist Rob Haswell walks the talk😄  

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Approaching “Lake Effect” Snow

A high-pressure system to our north is causing a strong breeze to come in from the northeast. As the cold Canadian air crosses over the warmer water of Lake Michigan, it is picking up moisture, forming it into dark clouds … Continue reading

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Melting ice at Red Arrow skating rink

Last week Friday the temperature was 0Âș on our back porch thermometer when I let the dogs out first thing in the morning.  Today the high is supposed to hit 63Âș.  Quite a change, (to which my sinuses can attest … Continue reading

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Sunlit Gas Flame (photo)

Anyone who lives in Milwaukee or has driven on the elevated freeway loop south of Downtown knows the Wisconsin Gas Building, a beautiful Art Deco tower topped by a weather beacon in the shape of a flame.  The flame changes … Continue reading

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Winter Crab Apples (photo)

What’s this?  Up in our tree . . . ?  More crab apples! Remember when I wrote about our crab apple tree last September?  I guess I haven’t spent time in our yard since winter started (brrr!), but I was surprised … Continue reading

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Stovetop Hot Cocoa and Coal Furnaces

I’ve been thinking about my great-grandparents lately.  Our microwave died not long ago, and with it the ability to heat up coffee and milk instantly . . . IN the cup we plan to drink from.  Instead we have to add … Continue reading

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Visits from Jack Frost

In my childhood home there was a window situated right at the turn in our staircase, only slightly higher than the steps themselves and just a short flight down from the second floor. Very dangerous spot for a window, if you ask … Continue reading

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