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Ice Storm!

I know states to our south frequently get ice storms, but they are rare in Wisconsin. We usually get snow instead. However, we had a significant ice storm this week Monday through Tuesday evenings. Which, ironically, came exactly 100 years … Continue reading

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Birch and Moon

My old iPhone doesn’t take the best photos at night, but when I saw the moon shining through the branches of our birch tree as I arrived home from work, I couldn’t resist at least giving it a try.

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Birch bark texture

Now that I took a photo of one tree’s bark, I’m looking more closely at bark everywhere. This older birch has a very craggy-textured outer bark, which then peels itself away in curled loops to reveal the smoother, cleaner-looking “new … Continue reading

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Beautiful allergy season (photo)

I’m allergic to tree pollen, and birch trees are just about the most allergenic.  Plus I hate the way fallen pollen adheres to our shoes and gets tracked into the house every spring.  But I do love the look of … Continue reading

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Autumn leaves

  Last week I snapped a photo of a tree with yellow-orange leaves that glowed in the late afternoon sun.  I took that picture Friday as I left my office, and when I got to work again on Monday, that tree’s … Continue reading

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