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Random thoughts on time, nostalgia and the human experience

This photo taken on my way to work doesn’t do it justice. but the sun looked really eerie here, like a science fiction movie.  As you can see, the light was directed upward, while the ground below was in shadows.  And … Continue reading

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Does penmanship matter?

Two handwriting stories. One:  After I got a D in penmanship in third grade, my parents made me sit at our dining room table every night practicing my handwriting. The reason I’d gotten a similarly bad grade in arithmetic was that … Continue reading

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Learning to focus is our next digital challenge

Will the Internet, with all its abundance, prove to be a distracting road to perdition or the “straight and narrow” pathway that leads humanity to its highest potential? Here’s a link to an excellent article, “You’re distracted.  This professor can help,” from The … Continue reading

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