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Paw prints etched in ice (and in my heart❤️)

I love the abstract images resulting from close-up views of this very mundane subject. A tribute to dogs everywhere who must brave the elements every day to take care of their canine business. With a special shout-out to Coco❤️

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Field trip!

We try to take our dog on a field trip once a week, just to give her some new sights and smells and not to mention a thrilling opportunity to ride in the car! Today my daughter and I went … Continue reading

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As my half-caff patiently waits . . .

. . . I’m crouched down on the sidewalk with my iPhone trying to get a close-up of this plush stripe of moss growing in between the cracks. I’ve tried several times to capture the lush, jewel-like green, but somehow … Continue reading

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Paths of Glory

Actually, that post title came to me just now because I wanted something to do with “paths,” and Paths of Glory, the old Stanley Kubrick film starring Kirk Douglas, is one of my favorites.  Sadly, if you were hoping to … Continue reading

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Crab-apple season (photos)

I have mixed feelings about our crab apple.  On the one hand, it’s a beautiful tree, especially covered with soft pink flowers in spring.  But it also dumps piles of fruit on the ground every autumn.  Which the chipmunks love, as you … Continue reading

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