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Black and white versions (for Rose❤️)

Rose asked in a comment if I could share a black-and-white version of the Grohmann Museum photo from my last post. Here are two slightly different B/W versions. One has more contrast and the blacks are pretty crushed, so you … Continue reading

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Grohmann Statue and Shadow

We had to go outside for a fire drill two days ago at work, and while waiting for the emergency coordinator to come and tell us it was clear to go back into the building, I looked up and noticed … Continue reading

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Good Day Sunshine

Taken with my iPhone while stopped at a traffic light on my way to work earlier this week. Thank you, Apple, for making it so easy to capture images in places and at times that would have been impossible otherwise. … Continue reading

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Sixth Street Viaduct

I took this photo of the Sixth Street Viaduct over Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley while waiting to cross the street after dropping my younger daughter off at the train station this morning.  She caught the 8:05 Amtrak Hiawatha for a field trip with her art history classmates … Continue reading

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This is the kind of thing my grandparents used to do: refer to places by their names from 50 years earlier.  Now I do it, too.  No doubt someday my kids will, too. The building below is the Marshall & … Continue reading

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Urban Sunset, March

Taken with my iPhone  as I returned to my office last night after teaching an early evening class.  (Despite the fact that downtown Milwaukee is built on a swamp and thus wages a constant battle against sinking, this building isn’t really tilted!  It’s just … Continue reading

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Night trees, Miller Valley

I’ve become quite fond of my iPhone’s ability to capture fleeting images that catch my eye. On my way home from teaching a night class yesterday, I noticed these trees at the traffic light on the far western edge of Miller Valley … Continue reading

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Champagne and Christmas Tree Lights (Photo)

Taken with my iTouch last night when I noticed how the lights of our tree sparkled through my midnight champagne.  Happy 2014!

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