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Urban gray fox

This fox was hanging around the parking lot at my doctor’s office yesterday.  There’s something spooky about a wild animal that doesn’t have an appropriate level of wariness around humans.  The fox stared at us for a long time (somewhat balefully, I … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on time, nostalgia and the human experience

This photo taken on my way to work doesn’t do it justice. but the sun looked really eerie here, like a science fiction movie.  As you can see, the light was directed upward, while the ground below was in shadows.  And … Continue reading

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The Art of the Fire Escape (Milwaukee’s City Hall)

I had to walk past City Hall to a dentist’s appointment yesterday.  For months (actually, years off and on!) the Market Street shortcut behind City Hall has been blocked off by scaffolding erected to preserve/shore up the nearly 120-year-old structure.  I almost … Continue reading

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Paths of Glory

Actually, that post title came to me just now because I wanted something to do with “paths,” and Paths of Glory, the old Stanley Kubrick film starring Kirk Douglas, is one of my favorites.  Sadly, if you were hoping to … Continue reading

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“Smart” is kind of creepy

Today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a story headlined “Madison software firm Solomo develops customer-tracking technology.”  Yes, I’m creeped out, although seeing this story just pulls together a lot of things that have been creeping me out for a while now. Basically … Continue reading

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Art -vs- Science: An Artificial Divide

I was paging through the weekend Wall Street Journal this morning and practically jumped out of my chair when I saw Walter Murch’s face looking out from the “Review” section. Murch is an Oscar-winning film editor who has worked on … Continue reading

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Sweets for the sweet?

An article in today’s Chronicle of Higher Education describes new research on embodied cognition presented last week at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference. “Embodied cognition” is the idea that the nature of people’s minds is shaped by the form … Continue reading

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